Thursday, July 27, 2017

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 16 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Carolyn: ... (suggesting there is "no time") Greetings iON!

BR backlogged emails & questions
anonymous, criticism of iON for not recognizing the layman's reality
- "Try walking in our shoes!"
- iON responds

iON the "false premise of time"
- "you can't find the beginning of it"
- the human creators created "time" and iON has no idea WHY
- the effect of the "printing press" (Bob)

iON "the false premise of time"

iON waking up at night is an "anomaly"
- it's the non-physical that's waking you up telling you to go to the bathroom
- then your body "naturally" goes back to sleep again
- sleep > wake up > sleep

Bob the effect of the printing press
- synching-up individuals to embrace the "concept of timed events" (iON)

Bob why do people listen to the TV Landscape or the printing press?
iON: ... they invented time, so they have to gauge their space based on the time, so it becomes a timing timed event.
- the aborigines are "not bothered" by "time"

Bob where does the personal universe synch-in with the mass universe and capitulate to it?
- it's your choice to line-up with events to "co-create", e.g., to show up on Cash Flow on Wednesdays (iON)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 23 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

Bob "Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars)" by Vladimir Megre
- 7000yrs ago the priests "dumbed-down" every new child in order to reign over others
- the priests had spiritual gifts to communicate with cedars, but prevented others from doing so by making them "less than"
- children going to Anastasia's school showed remarkable qualities

the effect of school on the children
iON: ... Anastasia is trying to break the mold regarding... you have to make everyone else less than in order for you to be superior, for information flow... (she is trying to) "undumb" them...

Bob Anastasia lived in the wilderness until she was found in 1995, true?
- yes, she relaxes and allows
- she is not a parallel worlder
- has ESP, she never heals anyone like Jesus
- she is not a "medium," she is a "knower" (iON)
- "The Ringing Cedars" series is the most stolen books in Europe, thousands quit jobs after reading them

iON the actual "Ringing Cedars"
- has issues with its false premise of "time" - "500yr-old"
- yes, they actually "ring," affecting the animals

iON the "beasts" are "contrast-less"
- they pickup on humans' vibration, if the humans get cancer, so do they
- the animals are picking up on Anastasia's non-physical

Carolyn "mysterious energy" encoded in Anastasia's words
- if you are "connected" those words will resonate with your non-physical
- "every part of her life is based around contrast-less experience" (iON)

What ‘Youth’? The Electron iONization of Slack

What ‘Youth’?

Part 1, 2
6 June 2017

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Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 30 December 2009

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 30 December 2009


Opening music:
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

James what does LSD allow consciousness to do?
- allows neuron's synaptic nerve endings to be "disconnected"
- allows surreal realities come into individual's knowing
- not offending the labyrinth of the mind, allowing the non-physical to participate freely within that perception (iON)

James notices the constant "beeping"
Bob: It's the surveillance.
iON: ... there is no private and privacy... so why would you be surprised that others are enjoying and listening?...

iON "the fastest path to my joy" vs the society's rules/values

James reads emails & questions
James P, a psychoactive herb "salvia divinorum" (divine experience)

Brian calls-in, a "spontaneous evolution" will happen in "2012"
iON: ... you human creators already do all those things... You already go to parallel world... You already levitate yourself...

iON: ... sometimes you're actually activating it. You're mind is not limited. The only limitation is YOU!

Bob: ... is 2012 a collective placebo effect? The meme of 2012?
iON: It's what you project in... and that's your sign of the alignment... the worlds can fall, but it doesn't have to fall on you... You embrace that at your leisure and you activate that with your individual-ness. There are some that are making billions out of this "falling away" process...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Akito's Radio Alchymy Notes | 31 December 2009


Opening music:

Bob iON's agenda
- "enlarging the Guf" by allowing ourselves to stay here
- "We Refuse to Die" by Arakawa

Eben mentions the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
- over population causing climate change, they're pushing for "depopulation"
- the concept of the Guf was first introduced to us when the Air France Flight 447 anomaly was discussed

Eben: Where is the Guf, iON?

iON the Air France Flight 447 was actually "slipping in and out of parallel worlds"

iON explains the Guf
- the Guf is an "independent place"
- your spirit man goes on "eternally," not "forever" which involves time
- the Guf is where you continue "your physicalness" in non-physical

Eben what is the relationship between the "dimensions" and the Guf? do people in multiple dimensions have access to the Guf?
- yes, and it's the job of the Angels as "air traffic controllers"
- humans have power over the Angels (iON)

iON was asked to explain what "dimensions" are, instead goes into a long rant on scientists and the false premise of time

Eben: ... Why do we age iON?
iON: You don't!
Eben: What causes the failure of organs?

Eben reincarnation
- there IS NO reincarnation, you only get coronated once - "You are GOD" (iON)
- "YOU are the center of your universe"

iON how do souls get created? "The souls are eternal"
the soul never was created because it's always is and was

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 13 January 2010


Opening music:
Dirty Laundry by Eagles (live)

James due to popular demand, Cash Flow will start as a 3 hour show next week

Bob LA County Coroner made an official statement classifying that Michael Jackson's death was a homicide
- iON mentions his insurance policy

Cindy calls-in, relationship and work advice

Bob Michael Jackson's insurance policy(ies)
- his promoter took out a multimillion dollar policy that included "drug overdose"
- iON raises questions on Jackson's estate, trustees and beneficiaries

Bob: If Jackson didn't transition, then there could always be an investigation of the body that they found?
- they withheld his "brain"

Bob the Jackson icon dying and its effects
- iON mentions Charlie Gibson, the host of Good Morning America
- Gibson wasn't allowed to release his own investigation on Jackson

iON people are interested in people who've achieved their own "voracity"
- e.g., Susan Boyle, a "regular parson" who went from "zero to hero"
- a $300 Youtube movie turns into a $30million movie

iON the Astro Body is changing through the thinning of the veil
- the mysteries are no longer mysterious

Akito's Cash Flow Notes | 20 January 2010

((( The Beginning of a 3 Hour Show )))


Opening music:
Dirty Laundry by Eagles (live)

James plays the recording of last week's "interference" caused by iON
- iON demonstrated the "example of what time is really like"
- the concept of "time" is an anomaly to the non-physical (iON)
- this recording is actually from the Dec. 16, 2009 show, because the one from last week was "too static" (Bob)

iON's criticism of "science"
- if they can't disprove something, then it is

Bob: ... this is a momentous day, because we are beginning a three hour show, and it's only the beginning of a very fun journey, because eventually we'll be doing 10 hour shows, 24 hour shows. And we will inspire the greatest movies of all time, the greatest musical compositions... greatest Tweeting... what I'm saying is gonna be witnessed. And we're gonna be the catalyst that makes the 21st Century, the century that changes everything... and it's beginning now on this day, January 20th, 2010... This is going to be the greatest communication that humanity will ever need or experience, because after we get our messages through... people won't care... Always be assured that we, Carolyn, Bob, JW and iON, who are gonna become the greatest porn stars ever experienced... All along... remember that WE DON'T CARE!
Carolyn: Let's move on Bob.

iON mentions "Pants on the ground!" by General Larry Platt

James reads emails & questions
Roger, HAARP caused the Haiti earthquake
- you consistently through contrast achieve "equilibrium" - if you suppress in one place, it will squirt out somewhere else (iON)
- the Mayon Volcano eruption (Philippines) in Dec. 2009
- Haiti is located directly on the other side of the earth

iON the Haiti earthquake anomalies
- it didn't cause tsunami towards Florida
- no earthquake in the adjoining Dominican Republic

"BEEP!" (someone's recording!)